Learn how to draw - Basics & Technique

Learn the basics of drawing technique! On this page you will find many online tutorials which show you how to draw. This category is especially about the basics of drawing and the right drawing technique. You can find other courses by clicking on the links in the horizontal navigation above. The topic of these pages is "Learning to draw for beginners".

So if you just want to learn how to draw, it is best to start with the online instructions on this page and work through these tutorials according to the order listed. If you are familiar with the tutorials, you have already learned a lot of basics in drawing and can continue with the other instructions on this website and learn a lot more. I wish you a lot of fun and success!

Tutorials - Learn to Draw
Learn to draw - Using the pencil
basics of drawing technic
how to draw
How to learn to draw?
for way to learn drawing
How to learn to draw
The basic drawing techniques
learn abou the most im portant drawing techniques
The basic drawing techniques
Draw a picture in 4 steps
a tutorial that shows how do draw your own picture step-by-step
Draw a picture in 4 steps
The Sketch
About the use of sketching
Learn Sketching
How to Create your own Picture by Sketching
how to sketch
How to draw a landscape picture
learn more about the art of drawing and painting landscapes
Perspective drawing
Spatial drawing
spatial drawing & perspective foreshortening
Spatial drawing
Learn to draw three-dimensional
tipps on how to let an object appear plastically
 draw three-dimensional
Perspective drawing
basics of perspective drawing
perspective drawing
One-point Perspective
step-by-step tutorial about drawing the central perspective
One-point Perspective
Two-point Perspective
learn to draw in two-point perspective step-by-step
Two-point Perspective
Three-point Perspective
learn to draw in three-point perspective step-by-step
Three-point Perspective
Learn to draw with coloured pencils
draw with coloured pencil
Step-by-step-tutorial for a complete picture
lear to draw with the coloured pencil on the basic of an example picture
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how to draw - step-by-step tutorial
How to draw animals
basics of drawing and painting animals
draw animals

Various - Drawing and Painting
How to draw/paint a portrait - Part 1
basics of painting and drawing portraits
portrait drawing
How to draw/paint hands
basics of drawing and painting human hands
how to draw hands
How to draw and paint dogs and cats
tips about drawing and painting dogs and cats
How to draw and paint dogs and cats

At the online tutorials you can find free art classes, step-by-step tutorials and workshops about drawing. There are a variety of artistic techniques, such as drawing with pencil, pastel colors, colored pencil, charcoal and drawing ink.
Besides the pure pdrawing techniques - what means the correct usage of the drawing tools - you will find instructions which show you how to draw animals, people, landscapes etc. There are also other topics such as drawing in perspective* and the drawing of comics. You should find articles and instructions about almost any topic that hast to do with drawing. The area will be gradually expanded and expanded.

About this Website

This website is about how to draw and paint. You will learn to use pencil and brush and how to drawn and paint your own pictures.

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