Learn how to paint - Basics & Technique

On this page you can learn more about the basics of painting technique! You will find many online instructions which show you how to paint with the brush. This category is especially about the basics of painting and different painting techniques like oil, acryl, watercolor or gouache.
So if you just want to learn how to paint, it is best to start with the tutorials on this page and work through these tutorials according to the order listed and your interest. You will find a lot more instructions about specific topics.

Learn to Paint
How to paint with oil colours
basics and a step-by-step-tutorial
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paint with oil
How to airbush - Basics
history of airbrush, equipment, technic
How to airbrush
an instruction about handling gun and airbrush technic

At the online instructions you will find free art classes, step by step tutorials and workshops that show you how to paint with brush, how to paint with airbrush and much more. You get advice and assistance for techniques like painting with oil colours, airbrush, drawing with colored pencil, picture design and much more. Apart from the pure paint and drawing technique - like the correct handling of the painting and drawing toos - you will find further usefull informations e.g. instructions about how to depict animals, humans and landscapes.

About this Website

This website is about how to draw and paint. You will learn to use pencil and brush and how to drawn and paint your own pictures.

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