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In this guide I would like to give some usefull tips and hints for everybody who wants to learn to draw hand. Drawing hands is a great challenge for everybody who is into drawing. And although we can see our hands all day long - or maybe just because of that fact - it is not easy to draw hands. I affirm that because we know our hands very well and we may recognise other people by their hands, our eyes can notice errors in a drawing very fast. Nevertheless, it is sometimes difficult to identify what is not right in the drawing. In this guide, I try at least to give some tips and hints to show you how to draw hands.

Learn to draw hands - elements and proportions of a hand

Most of us have five fingers, all with different lengths :-). The longest finger it the middle finger. The trigger finger and the ring finder have almost the equal length (in my case, the ring finger is even longer than the trigger finger). The pinky and thumb are the two smallest fingers. But the thumb is movable almost to the wrist, what might be seen as a "hidden" extension.
The fingers are after a closer look not much longer than the palm. At my hand the middle finger is not even as long as my palm. Befor you start drawing you can simply analyse the proportions of your own hand.

As allready told, when you are drawing hands you have to take care of the different lenght of the fingers. In addition, the fingers are rooted with a slight offset to each other. I have marked these two features in the images below with blue bows.

how to draw hands    how to draw hands
Learn to draw hands: Drawing the back of the hand and a hand inside with marked features

It is important to know when you draw a hand that the thumb is enrooted a lot far below the other finger. Moreover the thumb is located on the side of the hand. In comparison to that the side of the hand at the side of the pinky makes only a slight bulge outward. You can imagine the characteristic of the thum when you consider the thumb as a finger that is rooted almost at the wrist. I tryed to depcits that in the following drawing (see blue markings).

how to draw hands
Learn to draw hands: Characteristics of the palm

The rest of the hand equals a plate or a bowl. While the back of the hands is curved outward, the hand inside (or palm) is vaulted to the inside.
On the back of the hands are the Knuckle. You can draw the knuckles fot example more pronounced when you draw male hands than in female hands.
When drawing a palm you should take care of the roots of the fingers, as they rise a bit out ofthe palm. Moreover there is a large muscle at the edge of the hand and another under the thumb. The areas are marked blue in the drawing below.

how to draw hands
Learn to draw hands: Characteristics of the palm

At best you exercise the drawing of hands with your own hands as a template. It is important that you eye up the drawing object and that you realise the proportions of the hand right. To have a clue you can divide the drawing of the hand in several elements. If it helps you, you can draw this main elements in a sketch as ellipses before you start to draw. Basically you can consider the palm, fingers and thumb as basic elements. In the drawing below, I have marked this Elements for you.

how to draw hands
Learn to draw hands: Main elements of a hand

Now you should take at best a pencil and try it yourself! To draw hands is not easy, but you can do it!

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