How to learn to draw?

As you can see this website is all about how to learn to draw. As there exists a veritable flood of literature on this subject on the market, you can see that the desire to draw is still widespread.

But how to get started? Which way of learning to draw is the best or the simplest. In this article I would like give an answer to this question.

How to learn to draw - 4 ways

From my point of view there exist 4 ways to learn to draw:

  • online / websites
  • literature
  • video instructions
  • art classes
drawing of a mug
pencil drawing of a mug

The first three ways to learn to draw are autodidactic learning methods - the self-study. The last method is the study with the help of a teacher. Keep in mind that every method has its own advantages and disadvantages which I will describe hereinafter.

1. Learn to Draw Online

I would like to describe the method of learning to draw with the help of websites first. Where can you learn to draw online? Here :-)! You are almost directly at the source. On this website you will find a lot of instructions on this very topic. But next to this site there are of course lots of other sites in the www where you can learn how to draw. Here is a small selection without claim to completeness:

When we talk about learning to drawing online, I see the great advantage that a lot of this websites are free of charge. For all other possibilities you usually have to spend money. So, if you're not quite sure whether drawing is the right hobby, you can get tips and tricks online and try out the first drawing exercises.

The disadvantage of learning to draw online is that the quality of the websites and its content is not always the best. In the Internet, anyone can write an article - no matter how much he or she knows about drawing for real.

2. Books

As mentioned, there are loads of books on the subject "how to draw". But finding out which one is good for you, reviews can be a great help. Or you can go straight to the bookstore and take a look inside of a book.
The advantage of this learning method for drawing is that one can assume that the author understands something about his craft.
The downside is that books cost money. But on the subject of drawing, there are a lot of relatively cheaper deals.

3. Learning Videos

Another way to learn to draw is represented by learning videos. But just as books learning videos art not free of charge. Compared to books videos have the advantage that you can learn by means of moving pictures. Some things are easier to understand and more vivid with videos. But on the other hand, the offer is by far not as great as the books on sale.

4. Art Classes

The three previous learning methods were methods to learn to draw autodidactically. That might work great but one has to be ambitious as well. If you do a mistake there is nobody on your side to help you instantly. That’s why learning to draw in an art class is a great alternative. A teacher can see your mistakes and can help you straightaway.

It is probably the most effective way to learn drawing, as mistakes can be displayed immediately and you get shown how to do it right.
Whoever asks, "How do I learn to draw best?", To be said: Probably by attending an art class. Unfortunately, it is probably the most expensive way to learn how to draw.

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