Learn to draw Animals

This is a how-to guide for learning the art of drawing animals. Drawing animals is a skill that can only really be learnt through and experience. This tutorials should give you a few hints and tips along the way.

When you intend to learn to draw animals you should begin with trying to draw from some photo templates. I think trying to draw from memory makes not a lot sense at the beginning.

The best way is to encirle the area in which the animal will be drawn or to isolate the drawing area otherwise. Then you can draw the several body parts of the animal roughly with ellipses (or other forms). I guess almost everyone of you has allready senn such a presketching with the help of ellipses. I personally would not overdo it with too many ellipses - just draw a presketching of the animal very roughly in this way. That means with not more than three to five ellipses. Thus you draw the proportions only unsubtl.

As an drawing example we will take a baby hippo (?) - I think it was a hippo, if someone knows better, let mit know ;-) .

learn to draw animals
Learn to draw Animals: presketching with few circles and ellipses

Now you can start to draw the contours of the animal and begin to work it out clearer and clearer.

learn to draw animals

Learn to draw Animals: contours of the animal babie worked out

If you are satisfied with the results of the drawing you can start to draw the lines stronger on the paper. You can draw the shadows as exactly as you want to or just scribble it.

learn to draw animals
Learn to draw Animals: The animal is finished :-) how cute, isn't it?

Now the drawing is finished. I how you like it!

In the following you can find a step-by-step drawing of a tiger. Drawing animals is simply fun because animals are one of the most beautiful drawing motives!

learn to draw animals
Learn to draw Animals: first draft with tough drawn outlines

learn to draw animals
Learn to draw Animals: detailed outlines of the tiger

learn to draw animals
Learn to draw Animals: And finished another one :-)

At best you just get book with animal pictures from your bookshelf and try to draw some dogs, cats, horses, dolfins or whatever you want to by yourselve. I wish you a lot of fun and a lot of success at drawing!

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