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Free instructions, step-by-step- workshops and tutorials

Everything about painting with color and brush.

Figure Drawing
Lear how to draw the human form - basic pose, construction, portraits and more.

In this section you will find helpful instructions about how to draw animals.

Tutorials that will show you how to draw and paint landscapes and urban scenes.

Comic & Manga
Learn to draw, draft and colourate your own comics and mangas

Here you can find miscellaneous topics about drawing, painting and visual arts.

Reviews, tipps and recommendations concerning materials and tools for drawing and painting. - Learn to Draw, Paint and Photograph

Here on you find guidances, art classes, workshops and more about art, painting, drawing and photographing - online and free. You can learn in simple step for step instructions e.g. to draw animals or people. You can learn to paint with oil colours. You find instructions for perspective drawing or workshops which show you how to realise your own ideas. In addition you can learn how to paint with the help of the computer and appropriate software e.g. Adobe Photoshop. You can learn to improve your photographing skills. In the picture gallery can see my own artworks, sketches and photos. This and more will be found - Learn to Draw, Paint and Photograph.

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About this Website

This website is about how to draw and paint. You will learn to use pencil and brush and how to drawn and paint your own pictures.

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Perspective Drawing

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